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519 Releases so far from what is PROBABLY THE BEST LOUNGE MUSIC LABEL AROUND.....

Jeff Bennett’s Lounge Experience – Hopefulness

ARTIST: JEFF BENNETT´S LOUNGE EXPERIENCE TITLE: HOPEFULNESS LABEL: PHUNCTIONAL LOUNGIN CAT NO: PHLALBUM10 RELEASE DATE: 2020-10--23 FORMAT: Digital COUNTRY: SWEDEN Tracklisting: 01. Hope 02. Waxolistic 03. Devisive 04. Reaching 05. Exhale 06. Breathing Earth 07. Waterfall 08. Boundelize 09. Infinity 10. Intensity…

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Acid Chillerz – Distant Orbit

ARTIST: ACID CHILLERZ TITLE: DISTANT ORBIT LABEL: PHUNCTIONAL LOUNGIN CAT NO: PHLALBUM08 RELEASE DATE: 2020-08-20 FORMAT: Digital COUNTRY: SWEDEN Tracklisting: 01: Refamiliarity 02: Falcons 03: Linearity 04: Overpressure 05: Bespoken 06: Underpressure 07: Capacity 08: Reflectionized 09: Distant Orbit Continuous Album Mix

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